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27 September 2017 / By Manny

You might be wondering what other courses are I’m working on for 2017 so here is the list of both in post production and planned courses for 2017/2018 thus far.

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Working title
Release date
Learning ReactVR 10-9-2017
Learning Apollo 10-2-2017
Migrating Legacy Apps with React 10-10-2017
Building a REST API with Node and Express 10-27-2017
Sketch: Designing a Mobile Purchase Flow 11-20-2017
Framer: Advanced Animations and Interactions 11-20-2017
React: Application Security Q42017
Learning Redis Q42017
Real time web with Node and Socket.io Q42017
AR for Web and Mobile Developers Q42017
Immersive Multimedia experience in ReactVR Q42017
GraphQL essentials Q42017
Building an information portal with React & Apis Q12018
Angular: Building large apps Q12018
Meteor Essential Training Q12018
Maintaining Angular applications Q12018
Introduction to AR with Unreal & Xcode Q12018
React: Managing Complex Interactions Q12018
Framer for UX Design (update) Q12018


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