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December 17, 2020
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Today, the gaming world is a serious business for game developers. However, building a successful application for the current and future marketplace can be costly and time consuming. Choosing the right game backend infrastructure for your game, integrating tools and techniques to mitigate security exploits prior to release  is crucial for its improvement. In fact, releasing a game with security issues will ultimately cost more money and time to properly fix.

In this article we’re going to explore some security measures you need to take to ensure the security of your game and its backend.

1- Minimizing  security vulnerabilities in coding 

As gaming is becoming increasingly connected, attackers can take over accounts, steal personal data and payment card information or winnings. 

A study by Positive Technologies shows that mobile application developers often ignore security, and the main problem is insecure data storage. Some of the gaps that provide opportunities for cyber attackers might be the user information stored in plain text, data in screenshots, and keys and passwords in source code.

To protect the application from reverse engineering and malware, the developer needs to understand the vulnerabilities associated with the languages, frameworks and libraries they choose to use and take corresponding measures so there’s no duplicate and malicious applications released on the market. 

2- Secure the device

Developers need to propose methods to check and ensure the security of host devices based on the game infrastructure.

Hackers can use excessive permissions granted to applications for malicious purposes such as making money and accessing permissions like SMS and contacts, and use it for fraudulent activities or sell it to 3rd parties . Therefore,  it becomes vital for developers to recognize and warn of such permissions by analyzing the gap between user-defined permissions and the permissions they actually use. The model should be about making a great game and keep users interested and find ways to monetize within the game.

Checking whether the device sandbox is intact in the mobile OS is one of the most important things developers should do. Rooted devices pose a huge threat and make it very easy for attackers to steal valuable data since their security model may be destroyed by jailbreaking.

3- Secure the gateways

Although the development of secure payment gateways has been incredibly innovative, many companies still find themselves victims of cyber attacks and intrusions. 

It can be difficult to detect and prevent payment gateway fraud, but proper implementation can prevent business losses and possible legal impact.

What can you do?

  • Install violation detection to identify potential flaws in the payment system.
  • Only let trusted and known systems such as API calls , certificates , … to be involved in the transaction processing.
  • Use code obfuscation techniques to make it difficult for hackers to access your system.
  • Pay attention to any suspicious behavior or unexpected actions and alert, and block them immediately. 
  • Clear payment processors guidelines should be followed to minimize the risk.

4-Monitoring App Security in Real-Time

Developers can control and monitor the security of the application in real time with real-time security analysis to better understand how it works. Some Technologies such as static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and software composition analysis (SCA) serve as a good example.  To be more precise on one hand, they analyze application source, byte, or binary during the time of assessment or they analyze the presence of 3rd party components in the application. After taking a deep look into the previously mentioned analysis, application development and security specialists can take remediation actions, such as fixing vulnerabilities in the application code. 

In fact , These operations only affect non-production applications, so they do not pose any risk to the usability of the applications.

On the other hand, security softwares and firewalls should be used to protect the server side of the system too.

In addition, the communication between the client and the server should be done through SSL and other more secure methods. These behaviors can also help contaminate the risks : 

  • Enforce Session Logout
  • Consult Security Experts
  • Not Saving Passwords
  • Enhance Data Security
  • Certificate Pinning
  • Protect and guard sensitive information
  • Give Out minumum Application Permissions
  • Have the Right Architecture
  • Risk Analysis

5- Data security and expert assessment

Penetration testing is one of the best ways to secure the data of your users and also find loopholes and vulnerabilities that might lead to security incidents. It can help you outline the weaknesses in your application, and it can also help you prepare defensive measures to protect these weaknesses.

To ensure that there are no major vulnerabilities when launching the application in the app store, you can find a team of experts to review your game and all security gateways.


The growing risk from hackers must be managed to protect a gaming company’s business model. Developers should protect their games from hackers who can cash in on the game’s architecture and design which ultimately leads to huge damages in terms of revenue and reputation. Something else to consider is getting insurance to cover the operational risks linked to a digital business.

Manny Henri
Manny Henri
Emmanuel Henri grew up in Chambly, a city in the tail of Quebec (Canada) near Montreal. He’s an established technologist with 25 years of experience in the world of programming and design, and also published 125 courses on several platforms such as Linkedin Learning, Pluralsight and O’reilly. Since his teens, he always had a knack for storytelling, especially monster-driven tales, and has compiled a boatload of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and horror ideas he’s thrilled to put into words. To keep his head sane and healthy, especially after his close call with cancer in 2020 (now in remission), he’s pledged his body to a strict diet and rigorous exercise plan. He’s currently working on his novel "Ashes" and editing “From the mist” and several short-stories, such as “The Agency”.
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