Upcoming courses (updated)

01 September 2018 / By Manny

You might be wondering what other courses are I’m working on for 2018 so here is the list of both in post production and planned courses for 2018/2019 thus far.

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Working title Release date
Designing for Neural Networks and AI Interfaces 2018-09-14
Learning Tensorflow with JavaScript 2018-09-20
Docker for Developers 2018-10-02
Blockchain: Learning Solidity 2018-10-30
Learning NPM the Node Package Manager (REVISION) 2018-10-30
Learning Framer X 10-01-2018
Building Serverless Apps on AWS Q4Y18
Migrating from REST to GraphQL Q4Y18
Javascript: Patterns 2018-10-30
Ethical Hacking with Javascript 2018-10-30
L’essentiel Swift 4 (French course) Q4Y18
WordPress Templates avec WP Rig (French course) Q4Y18
Apprendre Xcode 10 (French course) Q4Y18
Sketch and InVision: Designing a Sign-up Process Q4Y18
Prototyping with TeleportHQ and Sketch Q4Y18
TypeScript for Node.js Developers Q4Y18
Selling Security to Your Business Leaders Q1Y19
Create a CRM with React Native (UPDATE) Q1Y19
Zbrush weeklies (1 video every week for 26 weeks) Q1-Q2Y19
InVision Studio: Plug-Ins and Extensions Q1Y19
React with TypeScript Q1Y19
Javascript Security Essentials Q1Y19
Learning Google assistant Q1Y19
Substance Designer Material Techniques Q2Y19
MERN Essential Training Q2-Q3Y19
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